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Design Underground Co.

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We are design studio focused on websites, publications, and brands. We offer 15 years web design & front-end development experience. We are a small design studio with big ideas who produce elegant, simple solutions for print and digital media.

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Design Philosophy
Do not burden the design with non-essential elements Nothing is more destructive to good design than group thinking and collective decision making Reduce to the essence Read more – ‘Design Philosophy’.
5 Stages of Design
I. The Brief In the Brief we outline the goals of the project, discover your core audience & competitors, review your budget & schedule and deliver a business proposition. II. Design We deliver two sketches, define the design space described in the brief, revise and get the green light from the client. III. Prototype Develop […] Read more – ‘5 Stages of Design’.
Is navigation useful?
Some discoveries from Neilsen confirms our own independent analysis. User studies typically find: users comment on the content first; if the content is not relevant, then they don’t care about any other aspect of the design when they arrive on a page, users ignore navigation bars and other global design elements: instead they look only […] Read more – ‘Is navigation useful?’.

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